love letter

Is there someone you have feelings for, but don't know how to express them? Or maybe you are so dizzy with love that all your words have mixed together? 

We are here to help you express your feelings as part of your journey toward a life full of love.

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Birthday Greeting

Another lover's birthday is approaching and this time you decided it would be special? Unforgettable? A dose of love in the form of a letter has never failed a person

We are here to help you evoke emotions that etch a memory in the book of your loved one's birthday memories.

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Wedding speech

Your friend is getting married and you don't know when you will have the next opportunity to tell him what he means to you ? Or maybe you want to describe what an amazing father \ mother he\ she is going to be. in case you know both sides of the marriage? Double the pleasure.

We are here to create with you a wedding speech that brings tears to the heart that will leave no dry eye.

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You parents celebrating a decade of marriage and you want to tell them how proud you are of their love life, but you dont sure how? Or perhaps you want to express your love by writing to your life partner but don’t sure how to start ?

 We're here to help you craft an anniversary card that will never be forgotten, creating a memory that will last forever.

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Memory For Kids

Your kids are growing too fast, and as much as you love them you don't sure which memories will stay with them forever ?writing for them preserve memories for life, way beyond their childhood. 

We are here to help you put in perspective how your children improved your life for the best.

Disocver Writing Plans

Thank You Letter

Remember this person who was there for you when you needed him the most, but you never had an opportunity to thank him or you don't sure how to put the words together? 

We will help you create your fun, structured, and most important appreciative letter, admirably his actions for you. 

Disocver Writing Plans
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