Honoring the Heart: Writing Through Grief and Love

Within the unpredictable tapestry of life, nothing can truly prepare us for the profound loss of a beloved person. The vast emptiness created in our hearts by their departure cannot be filled by anything in this world. Our writing workshops are designed to honor their memory by providing a space to document and express what they meant to us and how they shaped who we are. Following the initial release of grief, we can focus on the inherent wish of every individual who has completed their physical journey on Earth: that their loved ones continue to live fully, finding peace and reigniting the flame of love. Our workshops aim to provide the tools for mourning while also weaving dreams and desires for life’s onward journey.


Session Structure :

Topic Introduction (15 minutes): Opening discussion to introduce the theme, setting the tone for a supportive and constructive session.

Guided Individual Writing (40 minutes): Participants engage in a structured personal writing exercise, allowing space for self-reflection and expression.

Closing Reflection (15 minutes): A guided closing activity to consolidate the session's learnings and prepare participants for their onward journey.

First step - Reflection

Introspect and acknowledge trauma's impact on your life and feelings.

Second step- Acceptance

Recognize trauma's occurrence without agreeing with or endorsing it.

Third step - Exploration

Delve into emotions and thoughts, questioning beliefs the trauma shaped.

Fourth step - Expression

Use talking, writing, or art to convey and process feelings.

Fifth step - Connection

Share experiences; find comfort in others' similar stories and support.

Sixth step - Growth

Channel trauma into personal development, meaning-making, and aiding others.

Seventh step - Empowerment

Regaining control over your life by making positive choices and taking action towards your own well-being.

Eighth step - Integration

Incorporating the traumatic experience into your life story without letting it define you, understanding it's a part of your history but not your entire identity.

Last step - Renewal

 As phoenix symbolizes renewal, rebirth, immortality, and transformation, the last step is Committing to a new path or purpose, inspired by the changes and growth that have occurred through the healing process.

Abuse recovery workshop

Loved person lost recovery workshop

Packages 1 Session Package of 3 Sessions Package of 5 Sessions Package of 10 Sessions
Session Duration 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour
Intrduction Duration(max) 10 minutes 30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes
Validity Period (max) 1 session a month 4 months 6 months 1 year
Chat Assistance - WhatsApp WhatsApp WhatsApp
Personal Bonus Sessions - - Birthday, Anniversary Birthday, Anniversary
Community Bonus Sessions Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, World Letter Writing Day
Session Notice Students can choose the session period with at least 48 hours notice.
Available languages English, עברית (Hebrew), Русский (Russian)
  1. No obligation for sharing personal writing, but highly recommend to assess progress.
Total Price $50 $140 $225 $400
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