Uniting Through Stories

 Dive into a shared writing journey with your child. Our Parent-Kid Writing Workshop is designed to strengthen the bond between parent and child while exploring the art of written expression. Both of you will learn, grow, and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Session Structure:

Parental Sharing (15 minutes): A dedicated slot for parents to articulate their thoughts, share stories, and set a positive and open environment for the following activities.

Young Voices (15 minutes): This segment allows kids to delve into their own imaginative worlds, voice their thoughts, and lay the groundwork for the collaborative segment.

Joint Creativity (30 minutes): Here, parents and children come together to co-create, combining their expressions, sharing perspectives, and crafting something unique that reflects both their voices.

Improvement of Parent-Kid Relationship

Our workshop is tailored to foster deeper connections between parents and children through collaborative writing exercises and activities. By sharing stories, expressing feelings, and understanding each other's perspectives, parents and children can bridge gaps, build trust, and create lasting memorie

Building a Stronger Personality

Engaging in a collaborative writing experience between parent and child offers more than just shared memories; it becomes a cornerstone in fostering a child's self-confidence, enhancing their creative spirit, and cementing a bond 

Memory Making

 By engaging in our writing activities, you have the opportunity to turn fleeting moments into everlasting stories. Imagine your grandchildren discovering these written gems, reliving the moments, and understanding their roots. By penning down these narratives, you're preserving the essence of your family's unique story for years to come.

Skill Building

While kids learn the basics of storytelling, grammar, and structure, parents can refine their mentoring and guidance techniques.

Dealing with Pivotal family Moments in Life

Our workshop is designed to help families navigate these pivotal moments through the power of writing. By penning down experiences, feelings, and reflections, families can gain clarity, find closure, or celebrate memories. It's a therapeutic and bonding journey, allowing members to connect, understand, and support one another deeply.

Fun & Relaxation

 Intersperse writing with fun games and relaxation activities to keep the mood light and enjoyable.

Kids Writing Memories Workshop

Parent-Kid Writing workshop

Packages 1 Session Package of 3 Sessions Package of 5 Sessions Package of 10 Sessions
Session Duration 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour
Intrduction Duration(max) 10 minutes 30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes
Validity Period (max) 1 session a month 4 months 6 months 1 year
Chat Assistance - WhatsApp WhatsApp WhatsApp
Personal Bonus Sessions - - Birthday, Anniversary Birthday, Anniversary
Community Bonus Sessions Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, World Letter Writing Day
Session Notice Students can choose the session period with at least 48 hours notice.
Available languages English, עברית (Hebrew), Русский (Russian)
  1. No obligation for sharing personal writing, but highly recommend to assess progress.
Total Price $50 $140 $225 $400
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